What results to hire NON professional Security Service:

In August 2014 in Paris – France, a convoy of VIP Saudi who was driving towards the airport has been attacked by a armed gang.

It seems they was aware of the itinerary and what was transported : 250,000 euro and confidential documents in a diplomatic case…

This proof another thime that clients don’t pay attention to use highly experienced close protection agents. Indeed, if the security were really mrofessional, the car containing the values, wouldn’t have follow the rest of the convoy and only the security would have know the 2nd route, but in that case, security has not think about a possible ambush who could have been bloody as the attacker were armed of automatic rifles…

Un convoi de plusieurs véhicules saoudiens a été attaqué, dans la soirée de dimanche 17 août à Paris, par un commando armé. Au total, le « préjudice déclaré » est de 250 000 euros, et des « documents sensibles » ont également été dérobés, a indiqué une source policière, confirmant une information duParisien. Ces véhicules appartiendraient à un prince d’Arabie saoudite.

Selon les mêmes sources, le convoi, composé d’une dizaine de voitures, était parti de l’hôtel George-V sur les Champs-Elysées et se rendait à l’aéroport du Bourget. Il a été attaqué entre 21 et 22 heures au niveau de la porte de la Chapelle, dans le 18arrondissement de Paris.

Les malfaiteurs, « de cinq à huit braqueurs », se sont emparés d’un véhicule de type monospace Mercedes qui roulait sur le périphérique nord de Paris avec trois occupants à bord. Les trois hommes ont été relâchés un peu plus loin, et le véhicule a été ensuite retrouvé brûlé. Deux billets de 500 euros, des documents en langue arabe et des médicaments ont été retrouvés à proximité des deux épaves, selon une source policière.


« C’est assez inédit comme braquage, ils étaient manifestement informés, c’est vrai que c’est assez rare comme mode opératoire », a réagi une source policière, précisant qu’aucun des auteurs du braquage n’avait été interpellé dans l’immédiat. Aucun blessé n’est à déplorer…. ”


This the reason why, at CT Protective Services, we insiste about being the warrant of your security.




What is a bodyguard?

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“A bodyguard (or close protection officer or Executive Protection Agent) is a type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons — usually a public, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, homicide, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offences.

Most important public figures such as heads of state or governors are protected by several bodyguards or by a team of bodyguards from an agency, security forces, or police forces (e.g., in the U.S., the United States Secret Service or the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service). In most countries where the Head of state is and have always been also their military leader, the leader’s bodyguards have traditionally been done by Royal Guards, Republican Guards and other elite military unit. Less-important public figures, or those with lower risk profiles, may be accompanied by a single bodyguard who doubles as a driver. A number of high-profile celebrities and CEOs also use bodyguards. “

Unlike the thought of the unaware public, a bodyguard is not the “gorilla” shown in movies with a sinister face, the black suit and the sun glasses. In fact, in the reality, a close protection team will, most of the time, work on a low profile situation not to attract the eye of the general public.

A bodyguard must also be very educated and autodidact. He will need to know and learn continually to be up to date about the geopolitic, the different and actual threats. He will likewise have to follow courses about surveillance, counter surveillance, medic, weapons, …

In our case, as a private organisation, our role is almost the same as a government bodies but with less means and operatives as the logistic and the manpower have a cost and private clients don’t have always the buget allowed for a team of 20 bodyguards fully equiped.

At our organisation, we pride ourself to offer one of the best protective service thanks to our highly trained and experienced partners.

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Cedric offers his services as a personal protection agent (bodyguard) for individuals or companies having security issues.

A team of professional bodyguards are also available in the major cities of the world.

Security is not a matter of fashion, it is a serious service. This is why Cedric offers you one of the best services and after a risk assessment, he will offer you the service adapted to your needs. If you are looking for a 6’4 tall bodyguard, we are sorry but you are on the wrong page. Indeed, we strongly believe that a protector should be discreet and be less noticeable as possible by a possible attacker in order to deter the threat before the worst happen.

Based in london, Cedric can also ensure your personal security and the protection of your beloved worldwide.

A few example of the services offered(*):

  • Close protection for business men attending meetings/ AGM /traveling in sensitive zones
  • Close protection service for individuals facing threats
  • Anti-stalking
  • Children protection (anti bullying/kidnapping)
  • Close protection for Muslim clients (Cedric has an extensive knowledge about Islamic rules and Etiquette)
  • Covert protection (If the client want that someone of his entourage being protected without his knowledge)
  • Bodyguard service for client willing to go in night club

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Chauffeur service available on request (*)

(*) Conditions may apply.